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Unique points

  • When signing up, you will take a questionary to determine your awareness and knowledge about the law of attraction; it results in an energy level, this way we can prove to you that you’re dealing with like-minded people.
  • You will receive a couple of matches every day that matches your energy. Don’t worry about swiping or missing out; the universe will give you matches that matter.
  • You have to record a voice memo, so another person can listen to you by using voice vibration to feel your energy before making a connection.
  • You can create a ‘dream tile’ to show your ambitions and dreams to your potential matches.
  • There is exclusive contact between users after accepting an invitation to connect. During quality time and single-focused attention to find out if you like each other by sending voice messages, videos, and photos.

Psst.. there are even more amazing points to let you know if you’re a great fit with your potential match!

So now you know Attraction Dating can assist you with attracting your soulmate. Then it’s now time to take action and let the energy flow towards your desires.

Attraction Dating                                                       

“Thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate time and all space.”

What I mean is; it’s no coincidence that you’re on this site right now.

You desire a sincere and loving relationship with a person that matches your energy!

A person who follows the same spiritual teachers?
A person who loves to work on his or her personal development?
A person who lives his or her purpose in life?
A person who wants to achieve success?
A person who wants to reach his or her highest personal conscious level?
A person that lives by the ideology of universal laws like “The law of Attraction?”

Then this dating app will assist you in attracting your love partner!

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